Building your brand presence online is one of the most important priorities for a marketing team. When going digital there are two major considerations—how to do it and how to make it stand out. Our webinar will cover the ways of going digital by using high-quality visual content that makes your brand stand out.

In our webinar on-demand, we'll be discussing:
  • Why visual digital marketing matters more than ever
  • Building out your visual content online
  • Creating a visual content pipeline to keep your brand visible in the digital space
  • See how the creativity behind Brandfolder's visual content works

Chad Newell | CEO at Snapwire

Chad Newell Chad is the co-founder and CEO of Snapwire, the fastest-growing on-demand photo and video assignment marketplace. Snapwire can help you produce on-brand imagery and video at scale—of products, locations, and concepts—to support campaigns or build a library of content. Prior to Snapwire, Chad worked with Getty Images and launched Media Bakery, a leading source for premium images.

Lucia Ulc | Creative Director at Brandfolder

Lucia Ulc is a designer and artist from Colorado, currently working as Creative Director at Brandfolder. She has over 10 years of experience in both agency and in-house positions, designing for a variety of clients ranging from growth-mode startups to Fortune 500 brands. Lucia joined Digital Asset Management company Brandfolder in 2017 to define and lead creative efforts, and as of late is focused on scaling Brandfolder’s product and user experience.