In today’s marketing world, it’s crucial that a brand stands for something larger than itself. But how do you ensure that the marketing materials your team creates properly reflect your brand’s deeper values?

  • Position your brand as one with a meaningful purpose.
  • Empower your team to authentically connect your organizational values with your audience.
  • Prepare you for the evolution of marketing.

Aaron Kiyaani-McClary | Senior Product Marketing Lead, Brandfolder

Aaron has broad experience at large multinational organizations and smaller growth startups developing and executing product strategies to launch new technologies across several countries and industries. His skills reside at the intersection of business and technology, with a gift for building internal and external partnerships, turning insights into action, and curating impactful product and brand stories. He holds responsibility for all go-to-market strategy planning, product launch activity, and competitive intelligence initiatives at Brandfolder.

Skye Bacus | Senior Project Manager, Brandfolder

Skye Bacus leads Product Management at Brandfolder, where she enables marketers and creatives to do better work. Early on, her passion for sustainability and conservation led to a career as a chemical engineer for products that helped clean air, water, and reduced water use. Her career in software started when she pivoted to managing a website at a conservation nonprofit, where she fell in love with the art of product management.

Dave Andresen | Senior Director Brand Experience, Smartsheet

Dave Andresen is a dynamic team leader, analytical thinker, and creative problem-solver. Since Dave was a child he has been endlessly curious, always learning, always building, always connecting. Today, he is proud to be working on ambitious brand evolution in an explosive product category. In his spare time beyond work and family, he chooses to lead culture-changing non-profit initiatives. All along my career journey, he have been commended by executives for catalytic leadership and creative problem-solving that delivers on business objectives.