With so many moving parts, remote teams, and masses of content, the steps to go to market quickly become increasingly complicated. The goal of any marketing campaign is to combine efficiency with brand consistency, but striking that balance is key.

Join Brandfolder's Ryne Knudson, Senior Content Marketing Specialist, and Leya Kritz, Demand Generation Manager, as they explore the intersection of campaign quality and efficiency and how it can drive significant impact.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Understand why your brand’s digital presence matters
  • Align campaign and brand strategy
  • Streamline on-brand content distribution

Leya Kritz | Demand Generation Manager, Brandfolder

Leya Kritz is an experienced growth marketer, who specializes in demand generation to help companies increase pipeline, advocate for customer needs, and directly impact demand for sales. Over the course of her career, she’s been steeped in digital marketing, product marketing, and demand generation. She’s spearheaded innovative programs across the B2B software space, allowing her a unique cross-functional perspective of the marketing funnel.

Ryne Knudson | Senior Content Marketing Specialist, Brandfolder

Ryne has an eye for the details that customers, businesses and, ultimately, people hold as the foundation of any topic. Data-informed understanding of why audiences engage is central to these efforts. His career is rooted in the principles of journalism and has been spent pursuing a passion for connecting audiences with stories that meet their genuine interests.