If you were asked how much time you spend each week searching for digital assets, would you know the answer? Would you be able to quantify how much it’s weakening your productivity?

Join John Follett, Co-Founder of Demand Metric, and Aaron Kiyaani-McClary, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Brandfolder as they unpack the results of The 2022 State of Digital Asset Management to get an inside look at how 1000+ marketers and creatives manage their digital assets.

We cover the top challenges facing marketers and creatives today, how to improve your team’s productivity, and reveal some surprising insights such as:

  • Over 50% of respondants have used Google to search for their own company logo.
  • Over 40% believe their companies waste funds on unused content.
  • And much more!

John Follett, Co-founder and Chief Customer Success Officer | Demand Metric

John Follett is the Co-Founder and Chief Customer Success Officer at Demand Metric. Before joining Demand Metric, John was a consultant for the Government of Canada. Now, he oversees all aspects of marketing for Demand Metric and its partners. Outside of work, John loves spending time at the cottage with his family.

Aaron Kiyaani-McClary, Senior Product Marketing Manager | Brandfolder

Aaron has broad experience at large multinational organizations and smaller growth startups developing and executing product strategies to launch new technologies across several countries and industries. His skills reside at the intersection of business and technology, with a gift for building internal and external partnerships, turning insights into action, and curating impactful product and brand stories. He holds responsibility for all go-to-market strategy planning, product launch activity, and competitive intelligence initiatives at Brandfolder.