A brand’s inability to bridge the gap between content creation and marketing workflows diminishes creative impact, leading to disjointed brand experiences, frustrated employees, and unengaged consumers. Our very own Katie Walsh, Joe Worthey, and Sean Carty recently spoke at the MarTech conference on how to empower your entire team to engage your audience at every stage of the customer journey - and ultimately drive more revenue.

Check out this session to:

  • Create more consistent and powerful brand experiences
  • Launch more effective campaigns, faster
  • Leverage technologies to streamline your marketing workflows

Katie Walsh

Katie Walsh, Content Marketing Manager | Brandfolder 

With nearly a decade of marketing experience across industries and disciplines, Katie Walsh brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to any marketing team she joins. Having worked both on the agency and client-side, she deeply understands how marketing teams should and should not work. Throughout years working with brands like Adidas, Petco, and MarcomCentral, Katie found her niche focusing on content marketing, helping brands humanize corporate storytelling, communicate authentically, and deliver on their goals. Katie studied at the University of Denver and after a stint in San Diego, she’s back in Denver driving content marketing for Brandfolder.

Joe Worthey

Joe Worthey, Head of Demand Generation | Brandfolder 

Joe is a performance oriented growth marketing and demand generation leader. He is accountable for creating sales pipeline by attracting, educating, and activating prospects through integrated marketing campaigns. He is highly experienced at scaling operations and pipeline creation at growth organizations and takes the approach of attracting, inspiring, and developing his team. He believes that together, everyone wins by deeply understanding our customers and deploying a scientific approach to our marketing tactics and marketing mix.

Sean Carty

Sean Carty, Principal Product Marketing Manager | Brandfolder

Sean is Brandfolder’s Principal Product Marketing Manager with 12 years of product marketing experience. He has spent the last 4 years at the intersection of collaborative work management and digital asset management. The accelerating convergence of these two markets has given Sean unique insight into how high-velocity marketers and creatives can use process and technology to turn frantic chaos into streamlined efficiency.